Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh: The Ruling on Seeking Aid From the Jinn
Wednesday, February 24 2010 - by Admin
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Shaykh Saalih Aal ash-Shaykh said in relation to seeking aid from the Jinn, as occurs in "Majallaat ud-Da'wah no. 1683, p. 23 (1419H):

وقد أدت الاستعانة بمن زعموا أنهم من مسلمي الجن من قبل بعض الراقين إلى فتن وشحناء ومشكلات بين الناس فيقول الراقي إن الجن يقول إن الحاسد أو العائن هو الزوجة الثانية أو السحر من قبل أهل الزوجة أو من فلان من الأقرباء وهكذا ، مما يؤدي إلى القطيعة والشحناء والشرور

وهنا أمر نلفت إليه وهو أن عدالة الجن لا تعلم حتى لو كان قرينا للإنسان وهل الجن فيما يخبر به عدل أو غير عدل ، ولهذا ذكر علماء الحديث في كتب المصطلح أن رواية مسلمي الجن ضعيفة لأن الرواية في صحتها موقوفة على معرفة العدالة والثقة في الراوي وهذا لا سبيل للوصول إليه بالنسبة للجن فكيف يقبل من يقولون بأنهم مسلمي الجن إما فلان مسحور على يد فلان أو أنه محسود بعين فلان .

Seeking aid (through the Jinn) by those who perform Ruqyah (treatment of magic through religious incantations) from those who claim that they from the Muslim Jinn has let to tribulations and enmity and problems between the people. So the raaqi (the one treating cases of magic) says that the Jinn says that the jealous one or the one giving the evil eye is the second wife, or the magic is being done by the wife's family or from so and so from the relatives and so on like this, and this is from what leads to the cutting (of family relations) and enmity and evils.

And there is a matter that we will turn to, which is that the integrity (trustworthiness) of the Jinn is not know, even if he was a close associate of a person and likewise, are the Jinn trustworthy or not trustworthy in what they narrate, for this reason the Scholars of hadeeth mention in the books of mustalah (the science of narrating) that the narration from the Muslim Jinn are weak (unacceptable) because in its authenticity, a narration is dependent upon knowing the integrity and trustworthiness of the narrator, and there is no way to arrive at this (knowledge) in relation to the Jinn. So how can those who say that they are Muslim Jinn accept that a person has had magic done on him by so and so, or that a person is envied by the eye of so and so.

And from this (and other scholars have also clarified the same, we shall bring their statements), we establish that the information provided by a Jinn is not to be trusted, because his trustworthiness is unknown, and this is besides the fact that if a Jinn has possessed someone, then that is a major sin and it is fisq and dhulm, and thus the Jinn's integrity is already invalidated, so how can those who do Ruqyah and treat people accept wholeheartedly whatever the Jinn tell them? And further, amongst the Jinn there are hypocrites who claim to be Muslim, and who no doubt tell lies. So with all of this, it is great source of danger that information be readily taken and accepted from the Jinn, it is a danger that only leads to more corruption in the society, because the Jinn love mischief, and so they lay out plans of great deception, to outsmart those who make Ruqyah and treat cases of magic amongst the people, so it is upon all concerned to be aware of these realities.