Shaykh al-Sa'dee: Magic Enters Into Shirk From Two Angles
Monday, November 05 2012 - by Abu.Iyaad
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Shaykh Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir al-Sa'dee in his commentary on Kitab al-Tawheed on the chapter pertaining to "Magic and Something of the Types of Magic", states:

The angle of including magic withing the subject topics of Tawheed is that many of its types are not attained except through shirk and seeking nearness to devilish spirits to fulfil the goals of the magician. Hence, a servant cannot complete Tawheed until he abandons all of magic, in minor (forms and amounts) and large (amounts).

And for this reason, the legislator has tied it to shirk, for magic enters into Shirk from two angles:

From the angle that it comprises seeking the aid of the devils and attachment to them, and perhaps he (the magician) we seek closeness to them through what they love in order that they (the devils) serve him and his objective.

From the angle of what it comprises of the claim of the knowledge of the unseen, and claim of sharing with Allaah in His knowledge, and taking paths which lead to (such a claim), and this is from the branches of shirk and kufr.

And within it (magic) there are unlawful activities and repugnant actions such as killing, and separating between two beloveds, and sarf and atf (two types of magic involving separating and joining people), and striving to change (as in harm) the mental faculties (minds) [of people], and all of this is from the greatest of unlawful matters, and that (magic) is from shirk and its avenues, and for this reason, the killing of a magician is specified due to the severity of his harm and corruption.

Refer to al-Qawl al-Sadeed Sharh Kitab al-Tawheed (Dar al-Thabaat, 1425H, pp. 181-182).